The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Career

This website and blog is dedicated to technical learning, especially in how its use can massively improve our prospects in the day job.
if I were to ask you, the one single most important thing that you can do better, that would make the biggest difference in effectiveness as a network engineer, and in your income and competitiveness. Most of you would ( I hope) agree that it will be studying better, cleverer or with focus and  direction.


The simplicity of that hides the crucial detail, both in “hands on” and  theory.
That means, a consistent approach, that builds on firm foundations…..reading white papers and Cisco release notes may provide detail, it’s not going to provide expertise, or consultancy levels of skill and knowledge that you may be looking for. Efficiency, in studying is also huge…getting the bang for your time invested is crucial.

Focusing on why we are studying in the first place….and keeping that target in  mind, is a great strategy for success.

The dynamics of employment in the IT industry, is that employers look for a broad skill set which match the technologies that they’ve already invested in. What is important though, is that they don’t want to pay very well for a “generalist” or “all-rounder”.
But specialists can demand better rates, and are more likely to be involved in projects, where a budget has been set aside.

The one constant, that provides us with the ability to be more effective, and to gain the most from our careers is the ability to study effectively and efficiently, and to structure that to gain real world results.

To that end…. this website and “Command Recall” generally is dedicates….and is all about low level strategies, that both myself and contributing colleagues have used in our career s and that I’m using to this very day…… as I pursue the CCIE data centre lab exam.

Check it out here:  CCIE Data Centre “Instant Command Recall”

What techniques have helped you in your career as a network engineer? comments below…..