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Studying for technical certificates, especially the Practical certs like the Cisco CCIE programs. Where the requirement is technical “Hands On” skills, Demand a particular study technique, where syllabus compression and spaced repetition are paramount.

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Career

This website and blog is dedicated to technical learning, especially in how its use can massively improve our prospects in the day job. if I were to ask you, the one single most important thing that you can do better, that would make the biggest difference in effectiveness as a network engineer, and in your…

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The Problem With Technical Learning

The Cisco CCIE Data Centre lab exam is being described as a ‘Serious Challenge”, in blogs and on the Cisco learning network. The size and breadth of the syllabus in the Cisco blueprint described as ‘extensive’ by many commentators like?????? Amid concerns that the exam is the most difficult to study for, and to pass.…

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Nexus 1000V and Cisco VSG…..Critical Components Of a Virtualized Data Centre

As the Cisco investment in data centre probably shows, there’s a good chance that those huge sites brimming with expensive hardware and requiring a private power grid, are being challenged by the virtualised data centre. In fact what that really means is that all the server hardware runs on a hypervisor, (Vmware or Hyperv or…

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