Concentrated , Focused Practice At The NX-OS CLI….Retain ALL The Com­mands You Need To Take The Exam With Confidence!

In The Exam It All Boils Down To Having The Commands And Configuration In Your Head, Ready For Instant Download

What Is Instant Command Recall?

“Instant Com­mand Recall” forces you to internalise vital blocks of configuration in exactly the same way as you will be tested in the lab exam. It provides instant feedback on accuracy, allowing rep­e­ti­tion of code blocks, until that code is in your long-term mem­ory…….. repeat five times, review the code, repeat after one day, and again after 1 week….it’s spaced repetition and it’s scientifically proven

  • Command Recall works on advanced memory techniques, that dramatically improve your speed of recall. The only way to find the relevant command or code, in memory, is if that information is well organised. But, our brains work to best remember the first and last element in a given command block. Overcome this with “spaced repetition” and review
  • TIP — If you fail to review, after a study session – your recall ability drops by 80%!!!!
  • Establishes, configuration (code block) memory retention techniques that hones your exam preparation to a cutting edge
  • Spaced Repetition testing of configuration helps you to pass first time.
  • Designed by network engineers, for network engineers as the best way to successfully prepare for, and pass your CCIE exam
  • Specifically created to provide you with intense network engineering practice NOT cabling and wiring practice
  • Configuration guides are essential reading, but those commands need to be resident in your memory. In the exam….it is far more efficient to use the CLI parser to get the full command, than it is to search the guides…..crucial In a time limited exam
  • On aver­age you will need to repeat the action five times before the infor­ma­tion is trans­ferred per­ma­nently to your long-term mem­ory” Source.…..Tony Buzan from his book “Buzan Study Skills”
  • “In The CCIE Data Cen­ter Lab.…Do not rely on the pro­vided con­fig­u­ra­tion guides. I am not sure if this is on pur­pose but I found the nav­i­gat­ing the con­fig­u­ra­tion guide menus to be very, very slow. I only needed to ver­ify a cou­ple of things in the con­fig guides but it was very painful. Source.…. JeremyWaldrop’s Blog”
  • “Instant Com­mand Recall” fol­lows the “Buzan Mem­ory Reten­tion Process”, which is review before you learn it, repeat 5 times, review directly after learn­ing, One day after learning,One week after learn­ing, then 1 and 2 Two months after you have first learnt it.

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CCIE DC “Instant Command Recall” provides:

  • Mastery of complex NX-OS commands in the CCIE DC syllabus.
  • Retention of commands in “code blocks” that fit together to configure features like VPC, OTV and Fabricpath
  • Intensive “Hands-On” practice at the CLI
  • Speed to practice, means you can be at the CLI immediately, without cabling, without hardware and without time wasting.
  • Regular, intensive practice for 20 minutes a day, finishes, sharpens and concentrates your studies, bringing the theory, and all the other hard work to a cutting edge.
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We are confident that “Instant Command Recall” is excellent value for your money. We have toiled long and hard to create a product that helps us to study for our own CCIE Lab exams. But, we are prepared to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. We have experienced far too many IT training companies take our money, and deliver poor products which leave network engineers out of pocket.

    Our 30 day money back guarantee is simple – if you’re not satisfied with Instant Command Recall, for any reason, simply cancel your subscription and we will provide a no quibble FULL REFUND (for your first 30 days subscription payment).

    We will take all the risk so that you can confidently

    Also, so you can see the full course for yourself, we are charging for a test period only…only $1 for the first 7 days. This gives you an almost free look at the content. If you’re not impressed, simply refund…it’s that simple.

I was des­per­ately look­ing for a way to get speed and accu­racy per­fect for the lab exam. I needed to feel that I was really ready, and the only way to do that was to ham­mer the sub­jects that I knew were def­i­nitely going to come up in the exam. Instant Com­mand Recall did exactly that.…brilliant, but sim­ple idea, helped me greatly.

Johannes Van Der Kerk

Com­mand recall has given me the final kick I needed. I just didn’t seem to be able squash every­thing down into a for­mat that I could cram. I just knew that I couldn’t book the exam until I found a way to do that. In des­per­a­tion I tried Com­mand Recall and what I did was screen­shot all the com­mands in the Super­putty win­dows and use them to make Flash cards. But by typ­ing , retyp­ing and typ­ing the com­mands again and again, I’m ready to book it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Top Stuff

Mike Swen­son

I have already failed the CCIE R&S lab 4 times before I decided that I really wanted to fol­low the DC track. The attempts I made were the most demand­ing exams I have ever done. Far harder, than my col­lege degree exams. Every time some­thing dif­fer­ent killed me, from a new CCIE ver­sion to the inclu­sion of a topic that I just hadn’t had time to study. I just wasn’t able to lab every­thing I needed, it was like water through my fin­gers, it was only a drib­ble but it was enough to fail. I’m now going for DC, and I am deter­mined not to make the same mis­takes again. This time I’m going to make sure I’m on top of it. So when I found Com­mand Recall, I couldn’t believe it, if it worked as it was adver­tised, it was exactly what I needed. The inter­est­ing thing is I have found a new way to use it. I start at the start and go the whole way through the course , writ­ing the com­mands I can’t get right on a notepad, and then I do it all over again – I have been right through the course 5 times already – I’m almost there – bring the lab exam on! Good Luck and many thanks for all your help

Francesco Bellini