Advanced CCIE DC Lab Exam Tactics


The Winning Difference: Advanced Command Recall Tactics - At Your Fingertips


Learning Outcomes:

Instant Command Recall (ICR) - has been designed by Network Engineers to speed up your rate of learning dramatically.

Gaining the depth of technical expertise needed to pass a CCIE exam, comes down to having the commands in your head. ICR forces you to commit what we call "code blocks" to long term, instantly available memory, using "spaced repetition" techniques.


Instructions: Click The "Winning Difference" Link Above To Go To The Instant Command Recall Demo.


Enter the commands laid out below in "Task 1.1 Instructions" into the Putty terminal window (Below). So Command 1, below is "verify the correct VLANS are traversing the VPC".........if you know the in the terminal window to activate Putty, next to the prompt, and hit the enter key. ICR will tell you if the command is correct or not.


For those commands you don't know...simply hit the "Give Me the Answer" button (after an incorrect entry) and get the right answer.

Hit the Reset button, Rinse and Repeat.....It's Intensity and spaced repetition that deepens and speeds your code retention powers!


Below is a sample diagram, to demonstrate in the Full CCIE DC "Instant Command Recall" Course, how we use diagrams to give the overview of the configuration task, which provides the overall concept and allows you to "Peg" the code blocks into the scenario. This closely replicates the low level configuration demands that are set in both the Lab exam and in our day jobs! In this demo the diagram is for demo purposes only, and is not trelevant to the commands....but in the real course the diagram, is the method of pinning our configuration to our scenario, and is vital.

Use full syntax only - so   #sh ip int, must be entered as #show ip interface. because, knowing the syntax means you can always shorten it.

 Remember to click in the Putty terminal window to activate Putty and tell it where you want your typed command to go.....there is a quick support video (link above) if you need it.


Task 1.1


Please Note: The Diagram above is for demonstration purposes (of how Command Recall Works In the CCIE DC Full Course) and NOT relevant (in this demo) to the command tests set below.


Enter Full Commands Only and type them into the Superputty termional below- No Autocomplete Available - Always mouse click in the terminal window to make it clear where your input should go.

Hit enter to go to the next line...and to answer the next question

Command 1 = On a Nexus7K verify your vlans are correctly inside your VPC

Command 2 = Verify that your Nexus 1000v is connected to vCenter

Command 3 = Allow F1 and M1 card interfaces into the relevant VDC

Command 4 = On a Nexus 5K enable Fabric Path

Command 5 = The most important troubleshooting command on a VSG (L2 Virtual Firewall) to see if traffic is being dropped or permitted


Assessment: Take a task and its sub tasks, one at a time, take an initial pass through, and check your score at the bottom of the page, reset go through again, you need to improve by 10%, at every pass through. If this isn't the case don't get down hearted simply repeat. Keep going until you hit 75% score. Don't forget in the real world you have the added assistance of context sensitive help.



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