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Struggling For “Hands On” Nexus Time For Cisco CCIE DC?

So you’ve made the commitment, read the CCIE DC blueprint, and you’re still in!!! Setting the theory part of the CCIE DC syllabus aside, let’s concentrate on the practical side of the exam. The blueprint tells you the syllabus is huge…..a large chunk of knowledge to have mastery of. So how do you get get the hands…

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The Problem With Technical Learning

The Cisco CCIE Data Centre lab exam is being described as a ‘Serious Challenge”, in blogs and on the Cisco learning network. The size and breadth of the syllabus in the Cisco blueprint described as ‘extensive’ by many commentators like?????? Amid concerns that the exam is the most difficult to study for, and to pass.…

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Cisco “Virtual Services Gateway” (VSG) Isn’t A Gateway……..It’s A Next Generation Firewall

Virtualisation of physical servers in virtual machines (Vms), presents a number of challenges. Large chassis blade servers from IBM or Cisco, in a virtualised data center, often run a hypervisor on a per blade basis. If you place many VMs on 1 ESXi instance, for example, that’s a lot of VMs to manage. What if…

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